Peter has arrived!

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Baby Names

Lisa and I were discussing baby names when we stoped to do our daily Bible reading. Remember we are working along with Iva May on the NIV chronological daily plan. So, join us. Have a look at today's reading and see if you have any suggestions.

1 Chronicles 23-24

We both chuckled at Happizzez and Mushi but why not?

Congratulations to John Bennett who not only will have a baby with his wife Rachel but it's a boy. They also think they have a name selected. "We are just plain slow", said Lisa.



A huge box of new clothes arrived from America and all I had was my cell phone to record the thrill.


All was quiet.....

Lisa said the house was quiet for one hour with only the sound of paper rustling occasionally. Grace and I were at school and Ella sat down to play with some craft supplies. Maybe she found the instructions for some winter wonderland. You are looking at 1 kg of flour. Ha.

Don't forget the daily Bible reading

Lisa and I are still on track with the NIV read through the Bible but it took a few days of focused effort to catch up this last week. Even with all the blog posts I still managed to finish during nap time! To God be the Glory! Really, HE did that.

Iva May
Questions on the reading for yesterday:
What evidences reveal that your view of God is too small?
Anxiety, prayerlessness, and scheming are all symptoms of a small view of God.

The prayer today is that you will hold me and the family to a Great Big view of God. Ella has put a stop to my uninterrupted time of study and correspondence. More to come.

First Saturday by Bike

The weather was incooperative on the first biweekly Saturday mountain bike trip but there were three participants. I am hoping to get to know students better as we have a chance to ride together. My friend Martin is helping organize the rides. Read more at the Young Life website.
Even if I was a fast rider, we still have pit-stops for flats like where there is time to talk. Pray for Marek to come to know Christ and more to be involved.

Race Results

It has apparently taken a month to recover from the race. That just means there have been no blog posts. Today, I am aiming to catch things up a bit. 1st. Total time was 1:49 for the half. That is a PR. It has to be. It was the first attempt.
It served as an outreach to one new friend living here. We had mile after mile to chat and become better friends. Lift up Hans and his family please.


Coffee Distribution

The sign asks why not have something to drink for free. Well, many walked on by refusing to participate but many stopped to say hello and ask what we are doing on the street giving away free coffee. You can see that at least one was enthusiastically grateful. Outreach like this can always be on your prayer list as we are continually striving to find a way to meet needs and introduce the love of Christ to Czechs. This even took place on the 29th of March. What can we give away in the heat of summer?


1/2 Marathon in just a few days

The girls are a big help. They had been asleep for one hour when we arrived at the overlook. It was too cold to get out and play but they enjoyed the day.
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from Lisa

Lisa was working hard to get out some info when I sat down and quickly loaded some photo and video. Read on from her:
We had been doing so much better at blogging regularly and then totally fell off the wagon! Ah, I love when I can use idioms like this and people automatically understand me :)

The past month (or so) has included more language lessons, ministry opportunities, reconnecting with people we met last year, a wonderful 3-day vacation in western Germany, and another visit to the doctor to check on baby boy. We have adjusted our schedule in an effort to be more consistent and, therefore, more sane! Monday through Thursday, Philip has the mornings for language study and I have the afternoons. At least, this is the general idea! Sometimes, we each need to use some of this time to take care of other things, but even then, we are able to practice our Czech.

We have resumed a conversational English club that was started last fall by our colleagues and their national partner. Philip is currently working with this man, David, on the English club and other outreach opportunities. Just last week, they did a coffee distribution as a way to raise awareness of a culture night that is planned for the 25th of this month. This partner has also put the neighborhood he works in on a list of cities/areas in the Czech Republic in which the entire New Testament will be read in Czech the day before Easter. We are planning to spend at least some of that Saturday with him, hoping to talk with people who are interested to know what is going on and why. I believe that last year was the first time this happened and the N.T. was read in over 140 cities/towns/villages in the CZ! We are thrilled with this opportunity and pray that we will meet many people who want to know more about Jesus!

Last fall, I met a woman named Veronika and her family at Starbucks. We were there with our girls for the final English club meeting of 2009 where David's brother played a beautiful concert on the keyboard for us. Before we left, Veronika and I exchanged phone numbers with the idea that we would contact one another the next time we were planning to go to Starbucks as a family. The holidays came, then the snow, and we never went as a family until a few weeks ago when we decided that all 4 of us would go for the English club. (The girls and I didn't go at all last year). I sent Veronika a text message that day and was surprised to see her later that night! We have gone to see a movie together and she brought her family to the next English club. She seems glad to have another mom to do things with and we are looking forward to getting to know them better. They have 3 small children, the youngest 2 of which are about Grace's & Ella's age.