Ella & Tummy Time

Lisa here...we have finished nearly 3 days worth of teaching on spiritual warfare. I realized today that I have been somewhat naive until now. Now, I've always known that this stuff happens, but not to the extent of the accounts I heard recently. Seeing the stronghold that the devil has on this world encourages me all the more that going to share the love of Christ is where God has called me. Like Philip said, every reference to this in the Bible refers to the victory that Jesus Christ and we, as believers, have. It is so comforting and freeing to know that we don't have to worry about the end result. We are to simply have faith in Christ, be in the Word, and be obedient. These are some of the most effective steps we can take to prevent the fallen one from getting a stronghold in us. Probably the greatest insight I received today was the recognition that many Christians, me included at times, try to start with being obedient. However, if we don't have faith and aren't grounded in the Word, it is impossible to be obedient. We would be trying to do it on our own and that never works.

Thank you for continued prayer as we keep learning more each day!


House Church

Our first meeting was a great success. No seminary trained pastor was leading but the word was opened and application was evident in each life. There was nearly 100 % attendance and each family represented has plans to go on the mission field. Hopefully, future meetings will be just as productive.

Session this morning and most of the week is on spiritual warfare. Every mention of the subject in scripture discusses our victory in Christ. Please pray that we will live in victory while here. I pray that you will too.


FPO week one

The Bennetts are making transition to the scheduled events of Field Personnel Orientation. Saturday proved to have its challenges just like the rest of the week but there is no looking back. Tomorrow, we will meet as a house church for the first time. Libby Baptist Church, thank you for allowing me to serve you and God through music ministry. Now, I feel confident to do the same in this next setting.

Lisa and I each enjoyed a prolonged time alone with God yesterday. He spoke to me some truths in scripture that I want to pass along for encouragement. He says that His eyes are on the righteous. That is me thanks to the Holy Spirit working in my life. He promises to hear my cry.

There are many who I hope will read this and know that my cry if for you. I enjoyed spending time at the feet of the Father knowing that He hears me when I lift up my requests. Both of my brothers and my sister were prayed for by name. I prayed for your work and your jobs and your growth in Christ. All four parents were lifted up. Lisa and I are so grateful for the legacy that has gone before us. Thanks. The Vine was on my mouth as I asked the Father to bless your time tomorrow and the special needs that we are lifting up together.

In closing, be encouraged that the scripture also made clear that we are to live by a power that is not our own. When Christ spoke to the disciples after being raised from the dead he told them to wait before they set out on a mission to share the good news. They were to wait on the indwelling of the Holy Spirit before they left home. Brothers and sisters if you count yourself part of the family of God then know. You can go out with Joy, be led forth with peace and do all things through the power of Christ.


Is it already Friday

Grace got a quick once over at the doctor to find out that she has an ear infection. There is now a new child among us. The medicine has worked quickly to make Grace feel so much better. Lisa will still be alternating with me as someone has to be at home with Grace but we are looking forward to the weekend and a new week with everyone in place.

Field Personnel Orientation

IMG_3894 Thank you for praying that we would arrive safely. After one stop in Whytheville, VA, we are now residing in Rockville, VA at the International Learning Center.

Grace is not feeling well currently so she has not been able to go to the first day of school with her sister. The photo shows Ella on her way in the stroller with Grace. Grace took a round trip back to the house with Lisa this morning.

Please pray that the little ones will transition well. Grace does not yet understand that we are at home. Always at home....

The meetings are about to begin this morning at the seating is full. We will be in touch.




Thanks to everyone who has been in prayer for the Bennetts as we transition through Chattanooga. The start of this Saturday had all of our worldly things in the garage of the in-laws. This afternoon, it either fits in the luggage or its gone.

We enjoyed another successful yard sale today. The things that were left have been donated for use by others. The packing process will continue but Lisa and I feel a burden gone from our shoulders. Many brothers and sisters in Christ encouraged us along in the day today and last week. If you were a part of this crowd then thank you too.

In closing, as I shared with our Bible study group at church last week, invite the lost and needy to join you on the driveway to let the Lord do a work through you as an opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Plus, the cars will fit in your garage.