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Bellevue Commisioning

I forgot to mention that we were invited to meet with Pastor Steve Gaines while at Bellevue. He was gracious to pray for us along with the service and then pray for our ministry. Thanks to everyone who helped make that happen. Thank you to the nursery workers who kept the girls at church both in the morning and at night. Majesty was a wonderful production. Thank you to the choir and orchestra for the hard work that went into a special time of worship. Finally, thank you to the Earnheart Bible Fellowhip for allowing me to share my heart and express appreciation for the support of Southern Baptists.<


Operation Family Christmas

Thank you that prayed for the outreach. I joined over 750 volunteers with my dad and delivered over two tons of groceries. Cars came through our line after having the gospel message and we loaded up the love. I know prayer was in effect. God overwhelmed us with good weather right up until the last bag was delivered.


Memphis for Christmas


We made the trip successfully overnight. No one was awake here when we arrived but everyone was surprised by our presence. Newsletters should be going out quickly. Don't have one but want one? Write me.


Week 8

I am just completing my exit paper to review the highlights of the training here at FPO. It has been a rich time of fellowship with believers that I will be able to pull from for the next many years. I realize more fully what my family will be missing as we begin to minister cross culturally in an atheistic society.

Our goal was to complete the work here in an excellent way.

Areas for growth and development have been discussed that could have gone unchecked without the penetrating light of Christ's word.

The full return on investment by our employer and supporters has not yet fully been realized. I am looking forward to the time when it will be possible to unload all information that we have acquired while here. 

One key is mobilization. That is the process of keeping our supporters on mission with us. If you have been directed to this site since meeting my family in Atlanta for commissioning service let me know. I hope to find out what is effective and what is not before we leave.

I have our first Bennett newsletter at press currently and will distribute ASAP.


Czech Apartment

I got this picture off the web to shake everyone up. We don't have any pictures from our place but there is an our place that has been found. Rejoice with us that God has provided for our arrival;)


Official welcome to Fred and Wilma

I love my brother.

IMG_3790 IMG_3850


Portland 2008

I just learned how to get better video to the group. Enjoy!


Washington, D.C.

God was honored by the group outreach in our nations capital. Lisa and I were in a group with three journey people who wanted to help with the girls. It was a big help to have extra hands for all the challenges of the day.

Thank you for praying. Several witnessing opportunities were fulfilled. I personally felt a great connection with a shop owner who received a tract and saw my testimony.

The video from the lake is unrelated. I am just working to get the best way to add content. Thanks for your patience.