Anniversary Celebration

We are out the door to celebrate six years married. Two new posts went in out of order. I will get back on track. Several funny things have taken place that I neglected to write. Lisa, Ella and I go to Vienna by train to meet some friends from Montana. Pictures to come. Pray for safety in travel and opportunities in ministry. Thank you.


February Newsletter

February Newsletter

It is on the way this weekend. See post below about the malfunction that has us delayed


Even the animals speak Czech!

I had an interesting discussion with my language teacher Jitka. She tried to give me a clue so that I would answer a question correctly during the lesson by making an animal noise. The answer was beef so she said "Boo". I missed the question but asked why she made a noise like a ghost. The following list of animal noises was then discussed with great laughter. I chalk this up to language and cultural acquisition.

A dog says "haf,haf";

pig: chroch, chroch 
(similar to the noise you make in your nose to imitate a pig)
hen: kokoda
rooster: kykyiky
horse: hi,hi
donkey: hýka

These are the "official noises" of animals in the Czech Republic. Official because there are verbs created from each noise that are recorded as the language. Ex. Pigs chrochta! Rozomiš?


Eight months with Ella

She is happy to be alive and we are happy to celebrate eight months with Ella. She currently has a fifth tooth on the way in and a cold as well. Pray that she will bounce back to the lively little girl you see here.

Furniture Arrives

We are grateful to be sitting up off the floor and able to look at each other when we talk. I was only home for the firts part of the delivery but Grace says that two men just brought the furniture pictured for us to have. Really though, it has been on order since the first week of our arrival. We are blessed