Easter - Jesus is alive!

John 20:28 "Thomas responded to Him, 'My Lord and my God!' Jesus said, 'Because you have seen me, you have believed. Those who believe without seeing are blessed.'"

As we celebrate this Easter the fact that Jesus is alive, we know that we are blessed. Our Lord and Savior, who died to pay for our sins, conquered death to resurrect Himself and He continues to live today. We are blessed because we will never taste death in the eternal sense or possibly the literal sense either! We are blessed to be able to focus our lives on sharing the Gospel with others. We are blessed to be able to call most of our family believers, followers of Jesus. Just last week, we were blessed to receive long-term work visas that will allow us to remain in the country for the next 2 years without issue. Praise the Lord!

Our prayer today and for this Easter weekend is that our Lord would make Himself evident to every nation, tribe and tongue - that He would open the hearts and minds of those around us to call on Him, that we would be sensitive to His leading as we seek to share the Gospel, and that every believer who reads this would share the Truth with someone they know.


Woodland Park Baptist Church

Wow! Only 11 days after a package from the states was post marked from Chattanooga, TN, it arrived on my doorstep in Olomouc, CZ. The Vine Fellowship of Woodland Park Baptist Church in Chattanooga who support us in prayer and with communication have raised the bar for international packages. Thank you!

It was such a nice day to be surprised by the post man ringing our bell. I expected a note in the box but he was kind enough to invite me down to the street for a signature and receipt of the package. Grace is thrilled to see all the candy that was sent. Lisa immediately got the dish towels in the wash so they can be used. Additionally, the magazines are well received. We have already begun to eat the Frito's and Goldfish. The goldfish are Ella's first!

Even I will be reading about how to have "Good Housekeeping" and Grace and I worked through some of the games in "Highlights". The most exciting for me are the New Testaments that were sent. This is a tremendous blessing to me. I look forward to passing it along as soon as possible. The crayon picture with stickers will soon adorn the walls of Grace's room. This is special. Finally, I must clean up several items with our magic erasers.

In the same way that I wrote about HFB and BBC I write about WPBC. We are blessed to know that you love us and lift up your voice in prayer. Again today, I had an opportunity to share the truth from the Scripture on some hard territory. It is easy to get down when individuals will use any idea that contradicts scripture. The gifts that have been sent really lift my spirits. Telling you all that we love you and thank you is a highlight for the day as well!


Uncle John and Bellevue Baptist Church

From Drop Box

John is just one of many from Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis that I know lift up me and my family. Thank you for continuing to remember us in the Czech Republic.


Hixson First Baptist

Lisa was excited to receive some communication following the March Newsletter. It is a part of our call to connect the churches of the SBC to the Great Commission work that is taking place in our part of the world. We were unable to meet with HFB before leaving the states but it is encouraging to know that you are praying for us.

God is faithful to us everyday. This week is full of language learning and the challenges of acculturation. We have never doubted that this is the place that the Lord has called us to serve in. We serve a risen Savior. Looking forward to Easter...



25 Celcius our warmest day yet!

We now have two days of evidence that Olomouc is under the same sky we remember from the states. The stars are out! There has been no cloud cover and beautiful weather for two days in our city. I met an interesting American in the park yesterday and had an opportunity to discuss my faith and share the hope I have in Christ. Fellow teammates were also successsful initiating conversations with those out to enjoy the weather. Pray that hearts would be drawn to God. Follow up is necessary!
Grace has been a little ill for the past two days. Her spirits are high and she is more sweet than ever when she doesn't feel well but her energy is down and she is resting more.

Lisa and I are thankful for the fellowship of our team today. We were able to enjoy Saturday interacting with our extended family. Tomorrow will be an even better opportunity. Our group will celbrate Easter early with some children from the Czech Republic. The girls are excited.

I have many shots to share from Vienna that are yet to come. No, Ella did not really drink my espresso.


Beginning April

Welcome Duramites! ( our newest followers) 

April is off to a quick start for us. Language continues to go well as we take the opportunity to practice and train daily. Our friends form Montana enjoyed Olomouc and it was the cheapest city on their European tour thus far. Staying in our flat for free plus a great dinner out and cheap snacks for the train totaled about $2o. Do be aware when you come, however, they were kicked off the train from Prague because an incorrect ticket had been purchased. This situation added to the total cost of the trip but in time another train was available and all was well. Pray for the International Messengers Mission Agency they represent. This group is hosting a meeting close by.

God is constantly revealing himself in even the small things. A call came to my cell regarding four chairs that had been ordered from a local store. I was sitting with my language coach who was able to coordinate the deliver with no charge. This was just in time for our guests to relax and enjoy this flat even more. I will be stoping by to thank the man that helped us order the chairs. He speaks little English but we are on speaking terms that will allow me to build on the relationship.

I shared Christ with a man on the street several weeks ago who professed Christ. His life is much different than yours or mine traveling the world but having no place he calls home. Interestingly, I saw him at the train station in Olomouc heading to France this week. We spoke as friends and he shared that his life is different because Jesus is alive! I asked him to be faithful to share in the Czech language since I am still unable. He was a blessing to send out.



The Lewis' have arrived in Olomouc! We visited in Vienna pictured here and then they were on to Prague. Now we will tour our city and take in some sights.