English spoken here - Greece!

A highlight of the trip to Athens was a divine appointment on the acroplois. This photo was taken by a young man named Jimmy. He is working in London but carries a US passport.

It was great to talk together about what Christ did for us at Calvary. Jimmy easily recognized his sinfulness and heard the gospel. It has been hard to be where so few know my language.

The girls had a great time but it was hot. We only stayed on the top for a little while but it was great to see Mars Hill where the gospel was preached. I am thankful we serve a God with an eternal kingdom. Many buildings still stood to the gods of mythology but to us it was just interesting history.


Hospital Visitation

Grace was able to go with me to the Olomouc Hospital where I have made a fiend named Milan. My stopping in began when a comrade from Malazia named Zhetto was put in a room with Milan. Both suffer from some skin ailments. I went to see Zhetto initially because he was on a diet of bread and cheese but the portions were insufficient. He is a college sophomore and always hungry. We visited over cheese and bread and both practiced our Czech with Milan. He speaks five languages but not one word of English!

We arrived at the subject of faith and Milan made it very clear that we are not of like mind. I explained that our Christian faith had brought Zhetto and I together as we are both in the Bible discussion group. I hoped that the service done in the name of Christ for a brother in Christ would show what brotherly love is for brothers in Christ.

Zhetto wrote and said that he would get out of the hospital yesterday but that I must visit Milan or at least give him a call. This old man had plenty of visitors, some in person and some by phone. Apparently all heard about the American who came to visit. That's me!

Grace was excited to go on a bike ride and, "make the man feel better." We visited for only an hour but the whole place was brighter as we brought the love of Christ to an especially sick population. Milan invited my family to his home when he gets out of the hospital and we are back from our upcoming travel. I seek your prayer that his heart could be softened before he departs this world.


Hold All Mail

Apartment hunting was successful! So, any packages with a destination of the Czech Republic (to us!) can be held. I know you have many things that you want us to have, but we can wait :)

This week a team of Americans ventured to Olomouc. They refer to themselves as Texans! (You guys are great!) Everything went smoothly and they are off to see Prague and London. They didn't leave before delivering to us some wonderful gifts including Velveeta cheese (2 lbs.), Rotel (4 lbs.), and Texas t-shirts (priceless)!

Thank you everyone who continues to pray for us and this outreach! God is at work!



Prague 5

Anyone watching house hunters should know we are looking in the Prague 5 area. This includes several "neighborhoods" to the West of the river at the end of the Metro lines.

I have appointments to look at four locations between Thursday and Friday evening!

Thanks to Ryan and the Vine for keeping us before the Lord.



The sun does shine in Prague. This is good news for any team that may be thinking of an outreach in the Czech Republic. The class is going splendidly in the Old Testament. Thank you SBTS for sending Dr. Wayne Garrett to teach while I am here.

The search for an apartment continues. I am having to work on Czech some through email as agents continue to look for the flat that is to be our home. I visited with the team mates who are here and got a look at where ministry meets the street. You don't have to go far.

Thank you for praying with us. Also, thank you to those who responded to the newsletter. It is encouraging to know you are still there in the USA and beyond. Budget challenges are affecting our business just like everywhere. Please remember to pray that the work of the Lord will be funded to continue!


Kris and Becky

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