Quick Update...

Our colleague had her healthy baby Friday, late afternoon and her husband made it back from out of town with plenty of time to spare before the birth! Thank you for your prayers and we ask that you continue to lift this family up as they adjust to life with a newborn.

I am posting from Starbucks after closing time so this one is also quick!



We made the move complete. Ella slept through the whole process. Nice, go to sleep with an empty flat and wake up to a complete job. Lisa was a huge help getting things set up. Grace played with a friend and we all had dinner together.

They slept in the same room (Grace and Ella). It worked! Thanks for the prayers. I will post a wish list. Thank you for asking.

Vicki, Lisa got a flower pot, dinner, and a date for Mother's Day. I forgot to mention it.

We have a teammate on her way to the hospital to deliver so pray for safety. I am in the office to catch internet only temporarily. More to come.


Moving Day

Thank you for remembering to pray for the family and the team planning to move. The first day went well. Everything except what was needed for tonight is in boxes. Sitting on the floor, Lisa and I are reminded of the three months we spent with no furniture and are grateful God has provided so many comforts in our home. One comfort is the communication we enjoy posting here and hearing from readers. Tomorrow, the plug will be pulled for at least a week. Internet and telephone will hopefully start again soon!

The family will have many opportunities to get out and explore our new city before I write again. God has already shown that He is the great planner by allowing me to meet two neighboring families in the new building. There are thousands more that we have yet to see!

Prague does have Starbucks and there are plenty of wifi hotspots so I plan to get our a newsletter about the month. Look for pictures to come from the capital of our country!


Special Dinner

McCormicks taco seasoning on ground beef plus velveeta and rotel for a topping made a great taco salad. No, you cannot buy these things in the Czech Republic!

A friend who is also feeling a little homeless came for dinner with the family tonight. This last week of language has been eventful. It is hard to think we have will no longer study in our town. We had a special time with our second teacher who seemed to shake things up with some excellent learning techniques we can use on our own.

Our conversation of spiritual things revealed an interest in Christianity. I was glad the conversation moved to what a Christian does on several occasions. Lisa and I presented the teacher with a Bible that she asked us to inscribe. Pray that the Word of God will penetrate her heart like nothing I could say ever will.


Working Video

I tried for too long to get a simple slideshow posted without youtube. No success. When finally youtube allowed the "video" I forgot to make it public. Things should be working now. See below:

Tomorrow is the last day of language before the move. Things continue to change for us here. We are holding up well together. There is cake in the refridgerator.


Ella has one year!

The last year has gone by quickly. I reminisced with Grace last night how she had spent the night with Malia in Montana while Mom and I went to the hospital. I then told Ella that she was Miss Belotable who stubbornly would not make her appearance for over 19 hours of Labor. We are thankful that she finally arrived in Montana. It is also good she turns 1 before the next move as she has already relocated 5 times!

Check out the highlights and write her a note. I hope the girls will both be encouraged by the blog as they get older. I know I am encouraged to hear from you.


Prayer and Praise Update

I traveled to Prague and picked up the keys to our new flat. The owner and I had a dinner and were able to discuss future plans to get together. This relationship is one that Lisa and I have looked forward to but were unable to enjoy in Olomouc because the owner lived out of town. Pray for Josef to be open to the gospel. He has no thought toward God.

You have seen the name Milan on the prayer list. I moved him to praise because I know God is at work. It is a huge thing to be invited to someone's cottage in this culture. Often, individuals escape the city to their retreat every weekend and spend time in the garden. Milan invited the family to his cottage when Grace and I visited in the hospital. Tonight, we had a dinner and enjoyed speaking Czech (only Czech!). Milan received a New Testament and encouragement from my family.

Also today: a visit to Sternberk 15km from Olomouc. It is a national holiday so we took in the sites by bike.


Language and Culture

We were traveling on Father's Day so I was late speaking to my Dad. I have jet to receive the cordless drill or ladder that I asked for either. Does Lisa read this?

Nothing special takes place in the Czech Republic on the third Sunday of June. Father's day is not on the calendar. One way that we see Europe is a picture of the US in 20 years is the absence of fathers. Women carry a large responsibility in every family here and it is atypical to find a male in his god given role as leader.

Please pray that my family will model effective relationships ordered after God's model of Christ leading His body. We enjoy our time together and learn daily how to interact.

Part of the trouble is learning to think in our new language. Father's day got me to thinking because it is not even easy to say. A little Czesky for you...
"Tatinek" is father ale ownership is formed with the genative case "tatinka." Whatever is owned comes first so "den" is day and the holiday would read "den tatinka."

As I said you can pray for us daily.


European Affinity Cluster

A new season has begun for IMB today, July 1st. I received a note from a collegue written at midnight with excitement regarding some changes. Nothing drastic will be affected. But the variations are worth mentioning so that you can pray with us.

The European Affinity cluster represents are large number of people all over the world who have a language and culture from Europe. Because the gospel is most effective in ones heart language, the affinity cluster has been created to focus on a group of people no matter where they live. I could possibly meet a Czech while living in America. You could too! Hopefully, you will be better prepared to discuss what Christ means to you in a significant way knowing what is happening here.

The new logo pictured above is a simple change that is intended to take the focus away from the organization that helps administer the support that you provide. Connecting is the central part of the title because it is our mission not to do the work of mission but to be a part of The Great Commission which we are all called to obey!

I love the scripture that was included by my friend to encourage me. Be blessed today.

“Do not call to mind the former things, Or ponder things of the past. Behold, I will do something new.”

(Isaiah 43:18-19a)