Lisa has that creeping feeling of numbness in her scalp that started the whole process a month ago. She will be asking the doctors about experimenting with dosage of the prescribed medicine to see if it can be relieved.

Grace has stayed in bed with no discipline for two nights. It is encouraging to see her make good decisions and obey.

Ella is fighting to get over a cold. Dad’s time in the metro everyday may be partly to blame so I will be more diligent to wash up when I get home.

I am interested to see what the foreign police have to say. We have a package waiting at customs. This is a first. Then a letter comes saying we need to see the police. They visited in Olomouc with no surprises so it may be more of the same? Finally, the pictures of my little champions who just finished the run for life a week or so ago.

IMG_6651 IMG_6652 IMG_6659 I beat you to it Lisa!

Grace is 3!!!

...or as they would say here, "Grace has 3 years." I can't believe she has already been with us for this long and yet, there is a whole lifetime before us! So much has changed in her short life and I am so grateful that God has made her such an adaptable little person. We went from thinking we would live in Chattanooga, TN forever to 2 wonderful years in Montana and then on to Olomouc for a brief time before settling in Prague (where we hope to be for the next several years, at least!). Grace is so much fun right now and incredibly inquisitive. She wakes up each morning in the BEST mood with a big smile on her face, ready for a new day and whatever fun it might bring. She wants to help with everything from laundry (even hanging clothes on the line) to cooking to vacuuming. And, of course, she wants to be the mommy to Ella - telling her what not to do all the time. Now she has her own baby which she received for her birthday! A few weeks before the big day, I asked Grace what kind of birthday cake she wanted. She thought for just a minute, then said "An M&M cake!" Every few days or so over the next couple of weeks I asked her about the cake just to make sure she knew what she wanted and the reponse never changed, never even waivered! We then talked about her party and she said she wanted "M&M's everywhere!" So, we had a great time trying to be creative and below are a few pictures of the successful and beloved M&M party, as well as a couple from the previous morning.


Everyone wants to know how Lisa is feeling

Lisa feels better than anyone lately. The girls and I have been struggling with a cold. Lisa outdid herself with the birthday party for Grace. We had many cookies and a double cake plus home-made decorations and fun games. Many friends were here to celebrate over the weekend. In addition, we had a great new couple of friends for dinner on Friday. There are many new developments in the ministry that I will share this next week. Thank you for praying for us. Lisa has shown no continued signs of the disease. She is blessed and we are blessed to be with her.


Language and More

The last week provided great strides toward learning the language. Even Grace is speaking more Czech thanks to Irena being around more. God has reminded me that he specifically called us to this country. Colleagues are all over the world in the same fight but this is our post. Challenges continue in the same vein we have experienced. The computer functionality continually prevents me from keeping up to date!

Lisa is still feeling stronger all the time. She has spent some time with coworkers lately working to build on one another’s relationships. We have ridden bicycles together with the girls on the back to build strength.

Grace and Ella both participated in their first officially sponsored run. They are both loving the arrangement of play time every morning.

I am excited for another week of classes. Pray for the participants. Anke, Natalie, Devon, E, Jana, and Marushka


A New Season

Summer is officially over in more ways than one. Not only did children all over the country return to school on Sept. 1, but the temperature dropped at least 20 degrees this week and it looks like that change might stick around. We definitely need to unpack our fall/winter clothes!

My medical status remains the same - I am feeling great and continue to wait on the next steps. Right now, the doctors here and the doctors in the States do not agree as they have different qualifications for diagnosing MS. So, I continue to take a small dosage of medication for the symptoms and work toward getting plenty of rest and trying to keep the stress level low while we wait. I've also cut out all artificial sweeteners as I've heard from a couple of sources that could also help. I am humbled and incredibly grateful for the many prayers lifted on our behalf. God has His hand in this and we pray that our actions/reactions would serve to glorify Him in all situations.

Philip and I both start back with our language lessons on Monday. After 7 weeks off after the move to Prague, our brains are probably in for a shock! We will be going different places at the same time so the girls will have a babysitter here at home. Our new babysitter, Irena, was here last Thursday to get to know the girls and for us to see how things would work out. The Lord has provided a wonderful woman whom we feel comfortable with and we praise God that Ella seemed to like her as well. Ella's adjustment has been our main concern as Grace immediately loves anyone who is here to play with her. Ella, however, has not been away from us much since we moved here 8 months ago. Most times that we have been apart have not gone smoothly for Ella or her babysitter (except for her times with Mimi & Papa a couple of weeks ago)! Monday and Tuesday of this week, I will be able to be home for part of the time so that the girls have a slow transition from no childcare to 4 hours a day. Please pray that the transition will continue to go smoothly and that our interaction with Irena will grow from mainly professional to friendship quickly.