Closing the book on January

There have been so many chances for us to brag on God this month. Look for a newsletter tomorrow!


Better and Better

Thanks to fellow blogger Alicia in the Bahamas for straightening out our text!
See what God is doing there at foxfamilylife.com.

God is good to keep the old group working well together! Greetings Turners, Passons, Petersons, and Sells. Are you listening?


1 Year in CZ Today!

That's right! One year ago today we arrived in the Czech Republic. After the long plane ride (plus 2 shorter ones), we arrived at the Prague airport where we spent the next 4 hours before making the 3 hour drive (ride for us!) to Olomouc! In honor of our arrival a year ago, Philip had the idea that we all visit the airport and talk about that day. Now, we only live about 20 minutes away. However, after getting up & leaving early to get Grace to school on time, a great time talking with one of the dad's from Grace's school on the metro (in Czech), meeting with our team for worship & strategy, then enjoying a terrific lunch as a family (communicating with the server in Czech), we ALL took a nap! From Philip, "How does a family with 2 small children celebrate being here 1 year? Take a nap!" Needless to say, the nap was necessary and enjoyed :) Being able to communicate is one of the greatest cultural changes for us from this time last year! Praise the Lord!!

Philip and Grace also had a great time playing & sledding after dinner in all the fresh, new snow that has fallen today. The snow continues to fall quickly and looks the same as when we arrived. We were told by a neighbor that there is never snow on Christmas (which was true), but that it always starts in early January. Also true!

The Lord has proven faithful over the past year. He has seen us through difficult adjustments, language barriers, various disappointments, health issues, homesickness, and other hard times. But, our gracious, loving God has also allowed us to see victories, be encouraged through better communication, the power of prayer, overwhelming love & support, growth as a family and a closer relationship with Him as He has been the only One in whom we could fully rely on. We are so grateful for all who have continually prayed for us this year. We simply could not be here without your prayers and support!

We are looking forward to what the Lord has in store for this year and are constantly praying about ways to reach Czechs with the Gospel, opportunities to share and to meet people, openness of hearts, and exactly where we should be involved as ideas and opportunities are presented. There are several exciting places to be involved as we begin this new year and we will be able to talk about them more fully soon! Also, we ask that you continue to pray for our ability to learn this language and now for Grace to learn as well!


Best night yet

I had four Czech Students ride home on the Metro with me. We discussed my Czech language learning and had a laugh at what is a very elementary book for nationals. The encouragement came from being able to communicate and knowing that they live close.

I have seen several people I recognize in the city this week on various occasions. It feels more and more like home.

Say thanks to Lisa if you like the new layout. She wanted to get with it and try to keep up with all you other amazing bloggers who have such nice art filled borders and banners. I like the Love life. We will soon need three picture frames. We love living life here in the Czech Republic.



Mirek greeted me in the basement Monday as he was going to the storage room. I told him to say congratulations to Lisa when he saw her next. He agreed and said I know. The look on my face was priceless I'm sure. I asked, "You know she is expecting?" and he said "I know everything." Nevertheless, I thought. This is the first time we have had such thin walls apparently.

So, he stoped by yesterday with flowers and told Lisa happy birthday. We were speaking in English and I barely caught it but I asked what he said. He repeated happy new year and happy birthday. I quickly presented our first ultrasound picture and shared that we are excited about an upcoming birth! He does know everything after all but at least we were able to facilitate a timing that leaves less in question about the privacy of our flat. Once again, never-mind, if you saw the video of our announcement I do scream that we are having a baby.

We are glad to get to know the neighbors better and better.



It was great to have Daniel in town from Germany. He was able to stay in the flat that you have helped finance while we were away over new years eve. Today we sat down and discussed the group meeting in Olomouc where we were working together. Daniel brought a great update on the status of the group.

He was very encouraging of our location in Prague as a good point for outreach. The girls and I were glad to have the change to see that God has impacted him both in this country and now at home. Daniel committed to be in prayer with us as you have.

Please lift up the college students in Daniel's ministry that are seeking to show the love of Christ on campus. His train should be back home by now.



Thank you to those who sent a special word of congratulations and encouragement. Our excitement level is high as we share the news of our latest member. We are also excited to begin a new year.

Lisa and I are working to read through the bible together using the One Year Chronological Bible. Even better are some questions for thought Lisa pointed me to on the web at ivamaystories.blogspot.com. We were stumped on one so I want to open up for discussion. The questions follow:

How had God described the reproduction process in Genesis one?
What does this tell you about Seth? about post-Fall mankind?

Reproduction involved the woman being made from man. Man was made in the image of God. Seth, however, was made in the image of His father. What more does this tell about Seth and post-Fall mankind?

Thanks in advance